At ALOFT we are able to offer a wide range of roof covering options to our customers. We are able to provide weathering solutions for any specifications or designs our customers desire.

We offer a large range of flat roofing options, from the traditional lead, asphalt, and built up felt coverings to the more recently used systems such as single-ply membranes and cold liquid applied systems. Up to a 20 year guarantee is available with most new coverings.
We believe that no one system is any better than another,  it simply depends on the individual project, design and function of a roof area when deciding which system is best used.

Flat roofing options we provide:
    •    Single-ply membranes (fully adhered or mechanically fixed)
    •    Cold applied liquid coverings (for multiple finishes)
    •    Sheet lead
    •    Built up bitumen coverings
    •    Asphalt

Other related services we provide:
    •    Roof windows supplied and fitted into new roofs or existing
    •    Flashings/Cappings in Lead sheet, Powder coated aluminium or Coated metals
    •    Installation of fall protection lines and points for maintenance
    •    Cavity trays
    •    Vent/SVP weathering
    •    Flat roof maintenance including repairs and gutter/gulley clearing

All our flat roofing works are carried out in line with current manufacturer’s recommendations & NHBC regulations.
If you need any advice with your flat roof at home or a project you are working on, please feel free to get in touch or drop us a line using our contact us page.